is a platform that helps job seekers find employment opportunities near their location.


Business Context is an innovative online platform designed to revolutionize the job search process in Warsaw. The project is centered around addressing the significant issue of lengthy commute times for employees by facilitating the discovery of local employment opportunities. This is achieved through a unique blend of technology and user-friendly design, primarily focusing on geographic preferences of job seekers.

Project Requirements:

  1. Interactive Map Integration: Development of a user-friendly, interactive map interface that allows job seekers to visually search for jobs in specific areas.

  2. AI-Powered Recommendation Engine: Implementing an AI algorithm that delivers personalized job recommendations based on user preferences, with a strong emphasis on location.

  3. Effective Employer Promotion Tools: Providing tools for employers to target job advertisements to candidates within a designated radius, enhancing the relevance and efficiency of their recruitment efforts.

  4. Inclusive Design: Ensuring the platform is accessible and supportive for minorities and people with special needs, reflecting a commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

  5. Robust Backend Infrastructure: Developing a stable and scalable backend system to support real-time job postings, user interactions, and data processing.

  6. Data Privacy and Security: Ensuring high standards of data privacy and security for both employers and job seekers using the platform.

Core Features:

  1. Interactive Map: A central feature that allows users to easily locate jobs in their preferred areas, significantly reducing the time spent on job searches.

  2. Targeted Job Promotion: Enabling employers to effectively reach potential candidates by advertising within a specific geographic radius.

  3. AI-Driven Job Recommendations: Leveraging AI algorithms to offer job recommendations that are tailored to the user’s location preferences, enhancing the match between job seekers and available positions.

  4. Social Impact Initiatives:

    • Unemployment Reduction: By streamlining the connection between employers and potential employees, the platform plays a crucial role in reducing the unemployment rate.
    • Support for Minority Groups: is dedicated to fostering inclusivity in the labor market, providing specialized support for underrepresented communities.
    • Economic Growth Enhancement: The platform contributes to the acceleration of economic development by facilitating quicker and more efficient employer-employee connections. stands out as a socially responsible project that not only addresses a common urban issue but also contributes positively to the economic and social fabric of Warsaw.

Technology Used​

Cutting-edge technologies