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Most viable product

What is mvp

And why do you need It ?

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It is a development technique used by businesses to create and release a product with the minimum set of features required to satisfy early customers and gain valuable feedback for future iterations. The goal of an MVP is to test and validate a product idea or concept with minimal investment and effort.

Validate the market

An MVP allows you to test your product hypothesis and determine if there is a market demand for your offering. By releasing a basic version of your product and collecting user feedback, you can assess whether your idea resonates with potential customers.

Faster time to market

By focusing on the core functionalities and essential features, an MVP can be developed and launched relatively quickly. This enables you to enter the market faster and gain an early-mover advantage. 

Save time and resources

Developing a fully-featured product from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive. By focusing on the core functionalities and essential features, an MVP allows you to streamline development efforts and avoid unnecessary investments.

Iterate and improve

An MVP serves as a starting point for iterative development. Based on user feedback and insights gained from the initial release, you can prioritize and implement changes, enhancements, and new features in subsequent iterations.


1. Startup

Who wants to validate their ideas and go to market fast.

2. FounderS

With a business idea which need an awesome realization fast and efficient.

3. Working business

To test the concepts and need an experience team.

Vaya-Soft - MVP development company is your reliable IT partner.
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are Looking for Mobile application

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want to validate your idea

If you want to validate your idea for reasonable price – we can provide complete solution from idea to application store market including advanced analytics.

need complete solution

From designing the application to implementing the solution. We cover all the aspects of the mobile app development.

From $10,000

We deliver complete solution in max 2 months to the application store with built in advanced analytics.

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We offer complete solution with fast Time to market

We specialize in MVP app development from scratch, having years of experience in the field. Our approach involves plug and play solutions whenever possible to expedite the time to market. In addition, we are trying to be the best in crafting cross-platform mobile app development and web applications to deliver our solutions to maximum number of users for reasonable development cost and timings.

With our expertise, we can help you bring your product idea to life by building a minimum viable product (MVP) that showcases its core features and functionality. By utilizing our extensive knowledge and leveraging pre-existing components, we can accelerate the development process, saving you time and resources.

At Vaya-Soft we provide everything you need to succeed


From designing the system to crafting intuitive interfaces, we ensure that our clients' applications stand out with a blend of functionality, aesthetics and best user experience

web development

We create mobile and web applications, using the cross-platform technologies to deliver seamless experiences across multiple devices and platforms.

DEVOPS and maintenance

From creating infrastructure in cloud to maintenance of the database and continuous optimization. We offer reliable cloud solutions which will not let you down at the most crucial moment.


We'll help you in creating technical requirements, analyzing competitors and using the best fitted solutions.

Development process

At Vaya-Soft – MVP development company, we follow a collaborative and efficient development process. We gather requirements, plan, design, and develop software with client feedback. Rigorous testing ensures high quality, and we provide seamless deployment and ongoing support.

In this phase, the software development team works with stakeholders to identify and document
the software requirements. This can include user stories, use cases, and functional requirements.
On this stage client gets fully completed technical requirements on the basis of which pricing and
estimates are calculated.

From designing the system to crafting intuitive interfaces, we ensure that our clients’ applications stand out with a blend of functionality and aesthetics.​

Development process is based on the
Scrum methodology, which emphasizes an
iterative, flexible approach to development.
This stage includes: Sprint Planning, Task
Assignment, Environment Setup, Coding,
Daily Stand-up and Code Review.
Client gets an access to the Kanban Board
with all tasks.

Throughout the testing process, the client has access to a Kanban board. This board provides an
overview of the testing process, including the progress of each test case and the status of any
reported bugs. Clients can use the board to track the testing process and provide feedback to the
development team.
During the testing process the feature rolled out in Testing Environment and after getting an approval
from the client the feature is ready to be deployed on Production Environment.

Once the software has passed final testing, the code is frozen. This means that no new features or
changes will be added to the release, and only bug fixes will be allowed.
The next step is to create release notes. These notes provide information about the new features and
bug fixes included in the release and provide customers with instructions on how to download and
install the software.
Once the release notes are created, the final step is to deploy the software. This involves making the
software available for access through the Browser in case of Web application or a distribution
platform like the App Store or Google Play Store in case of mobile app.
We are using CI/CD for deploying new versions so the new release is taking place without interrupting
an application usage.

Maintenance is critical to ensure that software remains functional and secure over time.
This involves fixing bugs, errors, or other issues that arise after software has been released. This can
include resolving issues with software functionality, addressing security vulnerabilities, and fixing
compatibility problems with other software or hardware.

We fully understand Client’s needs, so we are using Agile methodology which makes us flexible in adding
and developing new features.
Requesting new features is done in the same development workflow and can be added during each
stage of the project.

Case studies

Indigo Bot AI

Indigo Bot is a freelancers' automation tool that helps users monitor their feed and automate the process of finding new job postings on Upwork, as well as applying for them utilising AI.


SeguroCoin is a cutting-edge mobile application available on both iOS and Android devices, designed to revolutionize Web3 insurance.


Jobbi is an innovative online platform designed to revolutionize the job search process in Poland

Technologies we use

Cutting-edge technologies

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