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We're not just programmers. We're your trusted partners. In Vaya-Soft we're not afraid to ask the tough questions, and our goal is to guide your business in turning your idea into reality in the most effective way possible. We're here to be more than just coders. We're your reliable partners in achieving your vision.

Master team of developers

We are the master team of mobile application developers, proficient in developing applications for both Android and iOS platforms. In the Vaya-Soft we work hard to create applications that seamlessly combine functionality and user-centric design, which makes users love the application we develop.

Dedicated team

We pride ourselves on being a highly committed team of skilled developers who are deeply dedicated to ensuring the success of your application. With a determined focus on your project, we take great care in every aspect of its development. Our mission is to bring your vision to life and to continuously provide the best solutions for your application's needs.

What is mobile app?


Let's talk about the front-end of a mobile app and why it's important to make it look good and work smoothly. Think of it like the cover of a book – it's the first thing people see and judge.

A nice front-end is crucial because when someone opens your app, you want them to say, "Wow, this looks great!" You don't want them to say, "This is a mess."

A good front-end is like a magnet that keeps users coming back. If it's easy to use, loads quickly, and looks cool, people will love it. But if it's confusing, slow, or ugly, they'll probably delete it.

So, in a nutshell, the front-end is all about making users happy and keeping them using your app. It's the secret sauce for an app that people enjoy using.


Now, let's talk about the back-end of your app – it's like the engine under the hood of your car. You might not see it, but it's what makes everything work smoothly.

One of the cool things we do on the back-end is creating an API. It's like a bridge that connects your app to different platforms, such as mobile and web applications. So, no matter where your users are, the back-end ensures that everything runs smoothly and they get what they need. It's like the magic behind the scenes that makes your app work seamlessly everywhere.

Our client says:

They had a flexible attitude and always tried to put themselves in our shoes.

Maksim Worobiew
Executive At SeguroCoin

The most important parts of development process

Some of our projects

This is a user-friendly platform designed to facilitate the process of renting and sharing various items among individuals. It offers an intuitive experience for both renters and users looking to rent items.


SeguroCoin is a cutting-edge mobile application available on both iOS and Android devices, designed to revolutionize Web3 insurance.


Jobbi is an innovative online platform designed to revolutionize the job search process in Poland

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