Completed solution for web marketplace.


Business Context is a user-friendly platform designed to facilitate the process of renting and sharing various items among individuals. Built using the Vue.js frontend framework and the Laravel backend framework, our application offers a seamless and intuitive experience for both renters and users looking to rent items.


Key Features:

  1. Item Listing and Management: Users can easily add new items available for rent. They can provide detailed descriptions, upload images, specify rental periods, set pricing, and define availability schedules. The listing management functionality allows users to modify or remove their listings as needed. Rental Booking: Interested users can browse through the available items, view their details, and directly book them for a specific period. The application ensures a smooth booking process with clear availability calendars and instant confirmation.
  2. Payments for Rent: Our application integrates a secure payment system that allows users to make transactions for renting items. It supports multiple payment options, ensuring convenience and reliability. Users can review their transaction history and receipts within their account.
  3. Deposit Payment: To ensure the security of rented items, our platform facilitates the payment of a deposit by the renter. The deposit acts as collateral and is refunded upon the return of the rented item in the specified condition. This feature provides assurance to both parties involved.
  4. Statistics and Analytics: The application offers comprehensive statistics and analytics for the benefit of renters. Users can access data related to the popularity of their listings, rental duration, earnings, and user feedback. These insights help users make informed decisions about their rental business.
  5. User Profiles and Ratings: Each user has a personalized profile showcasing their rental history, ratings, and reviews. These profiles help build trust and credibility among users. Renters can review and rate the renters they interacted with, promoting a reliable and trustworthy community.
  6. Messaging and Communication: Our application provides a messaging system to facilitate communication between renters and users. Users can discuss rental details, coordinate pickup and drop-off locations, and address any concerns or queries directly within the application. aims to create a convenient and secure platform for individuals to share and rent items, promoting a more sustainable and collaborative society. Whether you’re looking to monetize your belongings or access items you need for a short duration, our platform offers a user-friendly interface and robust functionality to meet your needs.